Who We Are

The Macedonian Outreach is a Christian, charitable association founded in 1992 as a tax-exempt United States government and State of California approved organization. Run by volunteers, the work is restricted to the Balkan Peninsula located in Southeastern Europe. It focuses its efforts in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and the former Yugoslavian states of Bosnia-Herzegovinia, the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia.

The Outreach's primary purpose is to glorify God by meeting the needs of people in the Balkans through the following four interrelated goals: (1) send and/or provide food, clothing, monetary aid to meet the everyday physical needs of refugees, orphans and others; (2) take children and youth, primarily, with life threatening medical problems to the United States or Western Europe for treatment and provide medication, vitamins and medical equipment; (3) provide education to children and young people through scholarships, school supplies and student/teacher support; and (4) provide spiritual guidance through distribution of Bibles, Christian supplies, literature and media and assist churches and Christian workers in their labor for Him.

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Annual Bike Ride Fundraiser

To honor Haig’s dedication to education, all donations from the ride will go directly to the Haig Rushdoony Education Fund.