Everyday Physical Needs

The greatest need met through The Macedonian Outreach is to supply clothing, shoes, heat and electricity, and food to orphans and others in dire need. Clothing and shoes are sent or taken in all the Balkan nations year round.

Feeding/Clothing the Most Destitute in the Balkan Peninsula

  • Rosemary giving food
    Rosemary distributinging food
    to poor Bulgarian villager
    Feeding and clothing the needy is our largest budget item. More money is spent each year in preparing food and clothing to ship or to deliver first hand.
  • Food or funds for food are usually sent by mail or by container. At times, volunteers either take the funds and/or buy the food for distribution. Food or funds for food are provided on a regular basis for distribution or by volunteers at locations chosen prior to their mission trips.
  • On a weekly basis clothing/shoes are collected, packed and mailed to the Balkan countries. Periodically, volunteers will take clothing with them and personally distribute them in different Balkan communities. In 2006, over 25 volunteers personally shared in the distribution.

Food, Shelter, Clothing within Greece

This project covers only a portion of the two million refugees within Greece [now a nation of 11 million people as the result of the Bosnian, Kosovo and Iraqi wars and the Albanian, Georgian and Russian civil wars]. Additionally. other immigrants are being helped so that they can be rehabilitated in their new homeland.
  • In Thessaloniki, The Outreach helps support the Soup Kitchen for homeless.
  • In Xanthi, Armenian refugees are assisted and monthly rent is paid for use of the church facilities.
  • In the Athens area, The Macedonian Outreach works with different Christian families and groups in caring especially for the homeless refugees---providing food, and clothing, and Bibles and Jesus videos in their own language.
  • In Romania over thirty cities and villages receive food and clothing, including street and homeless children and families.

Heating Provided for Armenian Refugees &
Elderly in Sofia and Russe, Bulgaria

  • This project is conducted each year from October through April at $25 per household each month.
  • During the winter of 2004-05, ninety families were helped.

Goats for Milk, Cheese and Meat in Romania and Bulgaria

Boy and his goat
Boy with a goat which his family just received

  • flag

    Thus far over 200 goats have been distributed to villages in these two countries.
  • The cost varies from $50 for a nanny to $75 for a billy goat.

Assisting Other Organizations

Helping Hands

Preparing food for refugees

Director (at left) greeting
refuges at mealtime

  • flagA Christian outreach to give aid to thousands of refugees in the Athens area. The director is an American and English educated ordained Greek pastor pictured below.
  • The Macedonian Outreach financially supports the food program on a monthly basis and supplies Bibles, Christian literature, Jesus videos and clothing on a regular basis.

BENJAMIN Child Support Society

Leaders Harry & Joan Anastasiou with Serbian orphans
BENJAMIN is a non-profit philanthropic organization founded, managed and supervised by men and women who grew up in an Evangelical orphanage in Katerini Greece, during the 1950s. In 1994, grateful for the love and support they received during those difficult years, from people who did not know them but who knew the love of God, they established BENJAMIN to help other orphan and abandoned children.

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