Medical Assistance

Dr Ida of Belgrade University Children's Hospital, Serbia, sorts through medical supplies flown in by Ken Behring (on left) of Danville, California

An ongoing service is to help children and adults in desperate or life-threatening situations. In this mission of mercy, The Macedonian Outreach works closely with other organizations and hospitals. For example, we have helped send over 50 children to hospitals in the United States and Western Europe for successful heart surgery and treatment.

Providing medication, hospital equipment and supplies and care for non-hospitalized patients within the Balkan countries are ongoing activities.

Medical Assistance, Including Hospital Care, Surgery, Medical Equipment and Medicine, and the Transportation and Housing of Patients

Young Heart Patient
One of our former
Bosnian heart patients

  • flagThis project involves every Balkan country. Medicine has been distributed to patients in each of the nations, with three of the countries receiving medical equipment.
  • Besides helping patients within their own countries, twenty have been brought to the United States for treatment and surgery, and over thirty to different nations in Western Europe. We thank and praise God that all have thus far survived.

Petrovo Orphanage in Southwestern Bulgaria

  • flagIn January 2004, we began providing medical equipment through the International Women's Club of Sofia for orphans who have physical and medical problems.
  • Since we have hired babas [grandmothers] to care and feed these unfortunate children.
  • We have also hired two physiotherapists and one speech therapist.

Babas feeding handicapped youth at Petrovo Orphanage

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